Sunday, March 25, 2012

Superwoman, Some days I need to remind myself that I am not

Do you sometimes try to be a superwoman, supermum, a superwife….just try to be everything to everyone? Why is it that we think that is ok?


I think that I need to use the word NO a little more often.
I need to say, “I forgot.” & not apologise.
I need to say, “No, I haven’t.” and be ok with that.
I need to admit that I sometimes screw up & that is ok.
I need to know that once in a while, dinner will taste like crap or not even be edible, & that is ok because no one else can cook in this house & they should be happy that there is 2 minute noodles in the cupboard.
I need to say that is ok if the kids have tuckshop because I can’t be bothered making something from scratch, I am sure they will survive.
I need to say, “No, I am too busy.”
I need it to not worry me if I have forgotten to ring, send or email. Before the internet was even a major part of my life, it would never have been an issue.
{did you know that the earth was even here before the internet?}
I need to let the little thing slide.
I need to just go with the flow a little more.
I need to put into practice all the things that I let others get away with & never give it a second thought.
Why is it ok for everyone else but not ok for me?
Why is it that we as women hold such high standards for ourselves & yet we let others go with the flow?

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