Sunday, March 18, 2012

A challenge to myself, makes me want to walk

One thing that I love to do is walk.
I do not like to walk by myself, there is no fun in that! I like to walk as a family.
The girls, the pooch & I all put on our sneakers & head out as often as we can.
We do not walk for the purpose of exercising.
We do it to spend time together away from the house & the best part is that it is free!
{but the exercise part is a big bonus!}
We also like to take photo’s of beautiful flowers or even get lucky enough to pick some.


These were some of the beautiful flowers we found yesterday & a bunch of sticks to use for an Easter project.
The girls love to also look at the beautiful things in nature.
Kiara takes her mobile phone everywhere & she also took some photo’s of beautiful flowers to use as a screen saver.
This morning when I had breakfast, it was lovely to have these beautiful flowers in a vase on the table.


It made me enjoy my breakfast that little bit more.

Now the challenge part.
I have set myself a challenge.
The challenge is to find or take a photo of something beautiful on our walks. It is the simple things that are often the sweetest ♥
Do you like to go for a walk & do you take your family with you?

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