Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nothing is a chore

This morning I cooked a beautiful breakfast of French toast for myself & the girls, mowed the lawn, I did 3 loads of washing, rung my Mum, rung my husband, booked a table for Kiara's 13th birthday, paid the bills, posted 2 blogs & all of that was done before 10am.

I often get asked if I ever sleep, yes I do sleep but I enjoy everything I do so nothing feels like a chore.

happiness is a journey not a destination

I love to cook breakfast for my daughters because I know that I am giving them the best start to their day. I love knowing that they go to school ready to learn & they have enough energy for them to concentrate. It only takes 10 minutes to cook them something. Some days they even cook for themselves.

Mowing the lawn is my exercise. While I am exercising I also know that I am showing my family that I have pride in our little house.

I really do enjoy doing the washing. I love going out into the yard to hang the clothes in the sun & smell the fabric softener. My husband has even told me that when he has been away for a week or more in the truck, he can open the door & smell the beautiful fabric softener.

Paying bills reminds me just how lucky I am that we can afford to pay our bills. Changing the way that I used to think about paying bills has made it so much easier to part with our money.

It is the simple things that are often the sweetest ♥


  1. I love your outlook on life Jos. It is a great way to live.


  2. Such a great attitude! My husband thought I was a bit crazy when I said I enjoy hanging out the washing - it's the fresh air and sunshine that make it enjoyable. (Folding the washing on the other hand....)

    1. Thanks Debbie! The fresh air & sunshine does make it a whole lot more enjoyable!


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