Saturday, March 17, 2012

Living sweet & simple.
This has become my new motto for life.

*having life     *true to life    *still in use   

*pleasing to other senses    *gentle    *kind

*not complicated     *easily understood

I believe that we only have one life so why not enjoy every single moment that we have got.

To put it simply….
Why save your most fabulous things for a special occasion, is today not special?

I believe that every day should be celebrated.

It need not cost the earth to enjoy your life.

Light a candle & watch your mood change.

Turn off the TV & put on your favourite music.

Get off the couch & go for a walk.

Stop & admire the beauty of a flower & smell it’s perfect scent.

I believe that all women are beautiful but it is the ones who know their purpose in life that seem to shine more brightly.

If your purpose in life is to be a Mother, then make sure that you are the best Mother you can be by making time to cherish yourself.

The same rules apply for all women, we must cherish ourselves before we can give to anyone else.

"Find inspiration by noticing the infinite beauty in the everyday things all around you. The petals of a flower. The eyelashes of a baby. The rainbow of colours in a sunrise and sunset. The breathing of your four-legged friends. The infinite flavours of each bite of food. Beauty and inspiration are everywhere.' ~Paige Burkes
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    1. Thanks for checking out the new blog Kylie & I hope you enjoy what's yet to come!

  2. you know every single time I light a candle my mood DOES change - love it all

    Deb @ home life simplified

    1. Thanks Deb! I have my candles on right now & I am feeling so much more relaxed!


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