Tuesday, March 27, 2012


While I was getting my hair done at the hairdressers, I flipped through a magazine (or 10) & came across an article about Perfectionism becoming procrastination.
Oh no, I think I have this!
Some days I will think so hard about how I am going to do something that I just end up procrastinating & getting nothing done at all.

In the article, (I should have written down which magazine) it said that a lot of perfectionism comes from when we were kids. Were you always struggling to keep your parents happy with your grades? Did you ever bring home a B on your report card and get asked why it wasn’t an A? Did you get 90% on a test & asked why you didn’t get 100%?
I know that while I was in high school, I gave 100% to my school work, I won many awards but sometimes when I would come home with an award that said I was a silver, I was asked why I did not get a gold certificate.
I also see & hear myself doing this to my girls & I need to break the cycle because some days I feel like I am drowning in perfectionism while I am procrastinating.
Why is it that perfectionist think that it is ok to not acknowledge the hard work they have done but only acknowledge the unachievable?
I need to ease up on my kids. I need to let them know that as long as they gave it their best, that is ok by me.
I mean, if all of our kids grow up to be Doctors & Lawyers, the world will become a very strange place when there is no one left to be creative.

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