Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I am really getting the hang of this!

I know, I am only at day 2 but I am getting the hang of this. I am talking about keeping a food journal. I have been writing down everything that I have been eating. I makes you stop & think before eating anything. How would that look like on my daily entry if I had to show it to someone. Well, I am! I am going to post a picture of the days entry before I go to bed every night, right here. I will not lie, I will not forget to write things down. It is just like when a financial planner tells you that you have to keep track of what you are spending to see where you are losing money. I suppose that keeping a food journal is a way of showing where you are eating the wrong things at the wrong times.


In just 2 days I have found that I am not hungry in the morning but if I eat when I get up, I have more energy to get through the morning rush. 3pm really sucks. The sugar craving hits & it hits hard. Today I was tempted while I was cooking a batch of soup. I found a packet of chocolate biscuits that Georgia had opened. She had left the container on the bench. For quite some time, I did well. I didn’t have one. Then some thing happened & I was eating one. I felt bad but then I remembered that this was not going to be easy. there are going to be temptations all around. I only had one though & that is important. Last week I would have had 4. I need to remember that getting healthy is not about starvation or denying myself. It is about eating the right foods & if having a treat, it is in moderation.

How did you go today? What is your “worst” time of the day?

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  1. I find that a food journal helps me too. If I know I have to write it down I will often not eat the biscuits / chocolate that I would have eaten if I wasn't holding myself accountable in the journal.
    3pm is my worst time too. I have started having a protein bar at that time and it did help me. Right now I am really battling but not only at 3pm - the whole day !!!!
    Have a great day and keep up the great job you have started.
    Love, hugs and positive energy.


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