Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 4. The big test

Today was the day that I had a big test in my healthy eating plan. I had to go out for lunch. This can be very daunting when you are used to ordering what ever you want & not putting in any thought to if it is healthy or not. I think I chose well. I ordered the seafood salad.


There was no creamy dressing, no full cream cheese, just simple salad with balsamic vinegar & olive oil dressing. It wasn’t a huge meal but I could not finish it all! I think that because I am eating more frequently, I am able to eat smaller meals as my tummy is never empty. I think this is the key.
I still didn’t eat as much as I should have today but I didn’t stray so that is a bonus!


Tomorrow is grocery shopping day so I will have to use extreme determination not to put junk in the trolley.

How are you going? Are you still on track?


  1. Going okay lots of homemade soup and water today as I have an awful cold and don't feel like eating much!! But have lost 4.5 kg this week!! But I believe/am sure this was fluid from fluid retention, (swollen hands and swollen ankles), so some of the crappy food I have been eating prior to this week must have had a terrible impact on my health!!

    1. My ankles are looking pretty good now!!


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